صَادِق \ candid: honest; telling the truth although it may not be liked: Can a doctor always be candid about a sick person’s condition? She had candid eyes that could not hide her feelings. earnest: serious: He made an earnest attempt to improve. faithful: loyal; true: She is a very faithful friend. frank: free and honest in speech; saying what one really thinks: He was frank enough to tell me at once that he had made a bad mistake. genuine: real; not copied; true: Is this pound note genuine?. honest: true; not telling lies or deceiving; not stealing: Give me your honest opinion. Honest people do not travel by train without a ticket. honourable, honorable: worthy of respect. sincere: (of a person; his character, feelings or actions) honest; not pretending: a sincere desire for peace. straightforward: honest and direct; not deceitful or twisted. true: (often with to) loyal; faithful: She’s a true friend. He is true to his promises. whole-hearted: full; unlimited; eager and willing: His plan had their whole-hearted support. \ See Also حقيقي (حَقيقيّ)، جدي (جِدِّيّ)، وفي (وَفِيّ)، صريح (صَريح)، نزيه (نَزِيه)، شريف (شَريف)، مخلص (مُخْلِص)‏

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